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Why is a culture of Service important at Marist?

Service forms an integral part of the Marist ethos, and invites our students to listen to the stories of others and fosters relationships. The students who participate in Service exemplify the Marist commitment to 'doing good quietly'. Their combination of strength and gentleness has been the key to all that has been achieved through service activities and outreach in the past few years.

Integrated Service Learning

Marist offers every student the opportunity to serve the community through a variety of Integrated Service Learning activities which vary from year to year, and are designed to increase participation at an age appropriate level. These activities occur during the timetabled day with the intention of creating an accessible opportunity for all students to engage in service.

Service Beyond the Marist community

A number of Service activities operate outside of school time and see students volunteering their time, energy and passion to serve those in the wider Canberra community. A number of these activities are listed below. Details can also be found in the Co-Curricular in the Faith Formation domain booklet.

MATES Award Program

The College runs a school-based service program called MATES. This program acknowledges the efforts of our students in the area of service at the College and beyond. In the same way that the College recognises students’ academic, cultural and sporting achievements, this program is a specific way of recognising students’ time and contribution to service on an ongoing basis.

There has been a significant increase in the number of boys, especially our younger students, engaging in service activities within the College and in the wider community in recent years.

MSol – Marist Solidarity

Our community coordinates a number of fundraising events each year for MSol (Marist Solidarity) to support development projects in a number of Marist initiatives in the Asia Pacific Region.

The College currently offers our Year 11 students opportunities to immerse themselves in cultures that are different to their own in Kalpitiya (Sri Lanka), Vanuatu and Wadeye (Northern Territory).

Service Groups

Marist has three key Service Groups operating within the College, each with a unique purpose and vision: Marist Justice and Solidarity, St Vincent de Paul and Stewardship. They are student-led and supported by teachers as facilitators, mentors and guides.

More information on service activities on offer at the College can be found in the Co-Curricular in the Faith Formation domain booklet.

Service Groups, Projects and Events

  • ENGAGE Sports
  • OFFCuts
  • Student 2 Student reading program
  • Running Club
  • Red Cross Blood donation
  • Sports Coaching
  • Groundswell
  • Marist Justice and Solidarity
  • St Vincent de Paul
  • Stewardship
  • Cooee Project
  • Service Day
  • MSol Lenten Appeal
  • House-led Service Activities