College Life Pastoral Care

Resilience is … the capacity to cope with change and challenge and to bounce back during difficult times

At Marist College Canberra we believe that best practice pastoral care supports each individual’s wellbeing.

At Marist College, good pastoral care underpins everything we do as teachers: our classroom preparation and practice, our supervision, our Co-curricular activities and our tutoring. For a more detailed overview of the Pastoral Care process at Marist College, please refer to the Marist Matters graphic, Safe School Policy and the Code of Conduct.

The process begins in the Junior School, where strong policies and support mechanisms underpin the hard work of teachers and staff in fostering an environment of emotional well-being. At Marist College Canberra Junior School, students are supported by our:

  • House System - Upon enrolment, a student becomes a member of one of four houses.
  • Code of Conduct - values the individuality of class members, both within and beyond the classroom.
  • Student Leadership - The Junior School offers leadership roles in the form of School Captain and Vice-Captain as well as House Captains and Vice-Captains. Each class also has four sets of Captains and Vice-Captains during the year. These leadership roles encourage good example, special duties, responsibility and representation.
  • Awards Program - awards are presented several times throughout the year
  • Restorative Practice - The Restorative Practice philosophy provides our students with the opportunity to develop self-discipline and positive behaviours in a caring, supportive environment.
  • Counsellor - A Counsellor is available in the Junior School to discuss any concerns or difficulties being experienced by individual boys.
  • Defence Mentoring - A mentor is available part-time to support students from defence families.

Our support system continues in the Senior School, where the mounting academic and personal pressures on students make the provision of good Pastoral Care imperative.

Among the characteristics identified as contributing to good pastoral care are fostering a sense of belonging and connectedness, and providing a safe and secure environment. Contemporary literature in the area of student well-being and resilience identifies a strong link between emotional well-being and educational outcomes.

At Marist College Canberra Senior School, students are supported by a complex and interwoven variety of systems. The most important Pastoral Care initiatives include:

  • House Group System - Upon enrolment, a student becomes a member of one of eight houses. This provides a structure within the College which allows students to be known more closely and therefore cared for more effectively. The system has encouraged a sense of belonging and continuity among College families and staff, and encourages greater participation, communication and leadership. Read more about the Senior School House Group System.
  • Safe School Policy
  • Code of Conduct
  • Counsellor - An on-site Counsellor is always available to the boys.
  • Defence Mentoring - A mentor is available part-time to support students from defence families. Click here for more information.

Pastoral Care at Marist College Canberra is complex and integral to our community. If you have any further questions, please contact us.