Enrolment Bursary application

Marist College Canberra Br Mark May Bursary Fund

The Marist College Canberra Foundation aims to provide financial support to the College so that student diversity is enhanced, and that families in need of assistance in order to attend the College are supported.

Funds raised are to assist families who may not have the capacity to send their son to Marist College Canberra.

The Br Mark May Bursary Fund is built through the generosity of former students, their families and other members of the Marist community. The Br Mark May Bursary is one way that we can ‘love one another as I have loved you.’

Bursary Program Applications

The Gift of Education

The College does not offer scholarships of any kind. Instead, we have had a financially-needs based Bursary Program. This program has enabled young men, from all walks of life, to receive a Marist education. The Bursary Program is funded solely by donations. There are no cross subsidies from school fees.

Applying for a Bursary

Application Cut-Off

Applications for Bursaries for new students are to be lodged by the end of Term 2 in the year prior to the requested year of enrolment, but no earlier than 18 months from entry. Late applications may be accepted, however they may be unsuccessful due to lack of funds or space available. 

Request a Bursary Application

Please contact the Registrar to request an application on registrar@mcc.act.edu.au with the following details:

  • Applicant’s first and last name
  • Year of application (eg Year 7 2020)
  • Postal address

Bursary Fund Information and Criteria

  • The Marist College Foundation established the Br Mark May Bursary Fund to provide financial assistance to persons selected on the basis of need.
  • St Marcellin Champagnat wanted his schools to be open to all classes of people, rich and poor alike. In keeping with his philosophy, the principal criterion for the provision of financial assistance from the Bursary Fund is a demonstrable, means-tested inability to afford a Marist education.
  • Assistance from the Bursary Fund will be provided to students and families who, in the opinion of the College, will be significant contributors to the College community. The focus will be on generous endeavours in a variety of fields, rather than any notable academic or co-curricular talent. In brief, the two-way street of mutual benefit must be obvious – the student and the College are good for one another.
  • While the criteria might appear to be demanding, the College has substantial responsibilities to ensure that Bursary Fund monies are distributed with equity, confidentiality and compassion. Each case will be judged on its merits and, where appropriate, the Headmaster might exercise his discretionary power to apply financial assistance.
  • Financial assistance from the Bursary Fund is given on a demonstrated needs basis. The provision of complete supporting financial documentation is necessary before any application, or renewal of a Bursary, can be processed. This will include:
    a. Copies of both parent’s past three years tax returns including full supporting financial documentation in relation to any Trust, Partnership or Company from which income was earned directly or indirectly.  All supporting financial documentation is to be signed by a registered Chartered Accountant or CPA.
    b. All other supporting financial information as requested in the Bursary Application Form.                 
  • The College is responsible for the application of means and other tests to establish applicants’ financial capabilities.
  • Preference in the decision-making process will be given to families who are committed to the Marist ideals. Families known to the College and sons of Old Boys will receive priority if their values are clearly congruent with those of the College. 
  • It is important that applications for Bursary assistance are made at the same time as applications for enrolment at the College. A family who has already accepted an offer of enrolment from the College is deemed on financial grounds to be ineligible for Bursary assistance. 
  • In the interests of accountability, a family must re-apply annually for Bursary assistance. 
  • The obligation of strict confidentiality is incumbent on both the recipient family and the College Committee overseeing management of the Bursary Fund.