Learning Senior School Curriculum

For Marist College, ‘curriculum’ embraces all the activities, processes and structures in which our students participate.

All of these experiences are leavened by our Catholic ethos and by our membership in the tradition of Marist education. Our Mission Statement, developed over a number of years and after wide community discussion, is our constant reference point in all our deliberations.

We wish to involve parents in a more continuous way in the choice of the pathways which their sons will follow. We appreciate that all parents will not be equally confident in this area. Hence, the staff at Marist and in particular the boy’s House Dean and House Group Leader will have a crucial role to play. In both of the above, we are not abdicating our responsibility as the professionals in our field. The direction of staff will always be friendly and helpful; however, we realise that in a boy’s best interest, it may sometimes need to be directive.