Learning Vocational Education

The vocational courses offered at Marist College are directly based on national industry/ enterprise standards. All vocational programs include ‘hands-on’ experience, through placement out in industry or through a simulated work environment experience. The course of study determines whether completion of an on-the-job structured workplace learning (SWL) is required in order to gain the Vocational Certificate (the number of placements is prescribed).

Students who are successful in achieving all the competencies and completing the required placements receive the national qualification. The qualification is issued by the BSSS at the same time as the Year 12 Secondary Certificate.

Vocational Education brings rewards to participating students. Most students see the benefits of doing a vocational course (VET) as they complete a nationally-recognised certificate and start on the pathway to further training. Others take their vocational skills and knowledge and test themselves by gaining casual employment. VET students are often able to gain recognition and monetary rewards for their application through the various award schemes, such as: Australian Vocational Student Award, Defence Force Technical Scholarships, ACT Training Excellence Awards and Worldskills - to name a few.

More details on course patterns and content can be found in the Year 11 and 12 Handbook.

For further Vocational Education and Registered Training Organisation information email: vocationaleducation@mcc.act.edu.au