news Congratulations to the Class of 2017

The College acknowledges and congratulates our Class of 2017 on their outstanding academic results and their contributions to all facets of College life. 

A total of 50 students achieved an ATAR over 90, with 23 of these students achieving an ATAR over 95. Three students achieved an ATAR over 99.  

These results stand as testament to their commitment, desire and hard work, particularly throughout their senior years. 

As a non-selective school offering a particular style of education to a broad range of students of different abilities and backgrounds, all members of our community are proud of these students and their results. The results highlight the rich and productive impact that a Marist approach to educating young people can and does indeed have. 

Pictured are some of the students who placed in the top 10 for the College. 

We wish all of the Year 12s all the very best for the future.

Together, we create fine young men.