News Meet our Top 10 students for 2017

It is with great pleasure that we congratulate the Class of 2017 on their very pleasing Year 12 results. The results were achieved by a group of students who were characterised by both the quality and generosity of their involvement in the life of the College: its Retreat and Service programs, Drama, Music, Debating and a myriad of sporting activities. 

The College is a non-selective Catholic boys’ school drawing students from a variety of educational backgrounds. We are proud to provide appropriate educational programs and specialised support for a number of our students with disabilities and learning difficulties. All students are given the opportunity to achieve their potential and become contributing members of society in a dignified and meaningful way.

Success comes in countless forms at the College and we are especially pleased that many of our boys achieved beyond original hopes and expectations. Their success has been achieved through their application, dedication and hard work, with the significant support of their family. Of course, none of this success is possible without the highest quality teaching staff and we thank all of the staff for their dedication and expert guidance.

We are very proud of the 2017 Graduating Class. The attached publication profiles some of our top achievers while illustrating the fact that, at this College, you can achieve a vital balance between academic success and breadth of experience. 

Matthew Hutchison


Click here to view the 2017 ATAR Academic results