News Year Seven Respectful Relationships Retreat Day

On the 12 and 13 August, Year 7 students and Year 11 MYM  students took part in our first Year 7 Marist-Merici Day.

We were not only blessed by the wonderful hospitality of Merici College, but Youth Ministers Neve Tually and Michael Seselja brought a wonderful professionalism and energy to the program and they worked very well with Year 11 MYM, Angela’s Angels and the team from the Archbishops Diocese. It was wonderful to see our Year 11 students working together to witness their faith to their younger peers and demonstrating what respectful relationships look like, as well as our Year 7 students creating new friendships. Thank you to everyone involved. We look forward to similar joint projects in the future.

Naomi Whitehead, Year 7/8 Coordinator
Nathan Ahearne, Director of Faith Formation