news Youth ANZAAS 2019

During the July holidays, Will Denney, Mrs Billingham, Mr Hanna and I travelled to Adelaide to take part in the 2019 Youth ANZAAS (Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science). As part of this event we visited universities and science facilities where we were taken on campus tours and invited to participate in science and technology workshops and hands-on activities with experimental mathematics. This was an excellent opportunity for developing our understanding of science and technology in Australia. 

It was a privilege to be able to visit the Defence Science and Technology base in Salisbury, where we were shown military applications of science and technology. We visited the virtual threat lab, which would make almost any gamer envious. It’s basically a virtual reality game where they test algorithms and applications of automatic self defence systems for army vehicles. We were also able to experience military grade night vision goggles. After a brief explanation of how they work, the lights were turned off and we got to behold the ghostly green world of night vision.

Youth ANZAAS was a great experience. For myself in my final year it helped strengthen my view on what I want to do next year. Apart from this, being able to explore the many fields in STEM and their actual applications furthered and reinforced what I had learnt in class. I would highly recommend this to any boys in Year 10, 11 or 12 next year, and I had only wished I had discovered Youth ANZAAS earlier. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Billingham and Mr Hanna for giving up their holiday and accompanying Will and I to Adelaide. 

Brett Murray (Year 12)
(For Brett’s more detailed report, please visit the “What’s happening in Science” page on the Portal.)