Key Personnel

College Executive
  • Headmaster - Matthew Hutchison
  • Deputy Headmaster - Ryan Greer
  • Director of Business Services - Christine Worth
  • Assistant Head of School, Dean of Studies - John Folan
  • Assistant Head of School, Mission and Identity - Peter Hawes
  • Assistant Head of School, Mission and Formation - Nathan Ahearne
  • Assistant Head of School, Junior School (Acting) - Kirsty Bell
  • Assistant Head of School, Staff and Community - Glenn Slater
  • Assistant Head of School, Learning and Teaching - Liam Stakelum
  • Head of Professional Learning - Jane Pamenter
Senior School - Heads of Departments
  • Computing - Brian Shaw
  • English - Julie Ward
  • Enrichment and Learning Support - Jen Croker
  • Health and Physical Education - Wayne McAuliffe
  • Hospitality and Food Technology - Dave Moore
  • Information Services (Library) - Larinda Knight
  • Languages - Kate Lofthouse
  • Mathematics - Matthew McDonald
  • Performing Arts - Jarrod Schindler
  • Science - Rohit Bhatnagar
  • Social Science - Liz McGinnis
  • Technology and Applied Studies - Terence Pereira
  • Visual Arts - Joanne Evans
Senior School - House Deans
  • Head of Student Wellbeing (Senior School) - Tom van de Waterbeemd
  • Conway House Dean - Andrew Lofthouse
  • Crispin House Dean - Sarah Mahar
  • Darlinghurst House Dean - Luke Croker
  • Haydon House Dean - Tony Sullivan
  • Mark House Dean - Darren Leech
  • McMahon House Dean - Phil Belcher
  • Lavalla House Dean (Acting) - Charles Bootes
  • Patrick House Dean - Dixon English
Junior School Key Contacts
  • Head of Student Wellbeing, Junior School (Acting) - Jonathon McGrath
  • Head of Studies, Junior School - Gerard Galvin
  • Counsellor, Junior School - Danny Guest
Other Key Contacts
  • Head of Liturgy - Leesa Callaughan
  • Head of Student Progress - Grant Barclay
  • Head of Sport - Paul Mead
  • Counsellor - Andrew Hackwill
  • Head of Footsteps - Peter Igoe-Taylor
  • Head of Innovation and Technology - Michael Plenty
  • Year 7 and 8 Coordinator - Naomi Whitehead

Quick Contact


The College welcomes feedback from all members of the school community and takes seriously any complaints or concerns that may be raised. Marist College Canberra is committed to maintaining high standards in all areas of its educational endeavour.

If you have been unable to resolve a matter informally, or simply wish to make a formal complaint, you can do so by any of the following means:

  1. Forwarding an email to “The Complaints Officer” via Alternatively, complete the form above selecting "Complaints" as the nature of your enquiry.
  2. Writing a letter to the Regional Director (Sydney) of Marist Schools Australia if the complaint is against the Headmaster.
  3. Writing a letter to the College addressed to “The Complaints Officer”.
  4. Telephoning the College and asking to speak to your son’s House Group Leader or teacher.

More information can be found by reading the Complaints and Dispute Resolution Guide