Learning Footsteps

The Year 9 Footsteps program is a significant and positive experience catering for the particular needs of these adolescents as they journey through the year. It strives to provide opportunities for the boys to become managers of their own learning and to set realistic and demanding goals through a rich and innovative curriculum that awakens, stimulates and challenges their intelligence.

Footsteps aims to maintain and enhance an enthusiasm for learning. It fosters the concept of a mental and physical new start and will encourage student involvement. This is to be a year filled with positive experiences.

The overall aim is to engage each boy to realise his academic potential. Each boy will develop a willingness to take up intellectual, physical and social challenges with a sense of purpose and responsibility.

Learning and teaching are designed specifically for this age group. All aspects of the program are delivered by teachers who are committed to the program and have an affinity with Year 9 boys.

Integration in Footsteps involves opportunities for students to explore three key themes involving study from a number of curriculum areas.

Self Community Environment

Integration brings together elements from a number of curriculum areas. Negotiation, collaborative learning and partnerships, goal setting and the development of skills for lifelong learning are characteristics of integration. Includes every second Wednesday set aside for integration activities.

The key skills to be developed are:

  • Formal and informal writing
  • Oral and visual communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Design
  • Data collection
  • Data handling and interpretation
  • Reflection and evaluation


  • Exposure to experiential learning in the curriculum areas studied
  • Exploration of vocational type options, possibly through community service
  • Undertaking a community service project over a number of weeks
  • Field trips for subject specific areas
  • Focused programs based on a theme or topic