There are some students with diverse learning needs. These students require extra support from qualified Enrichment and Learning Support teachers. 

Our aim is to integrate all students into mainstream classes by providing the support required for each student to become an independent learner within the context of his abilities. No one child is singled out in the classroom.

Some of our Key Principles includes:

  • Multidisciplinary approach including classroom teacher and family to support each learner
  • Tailored literacy and numeracy support
  • Adhering to Response to Intervention Framework
  • Support of sensory and physical needs
  • Regular review of learning goals, impacts and achievements
  • Year 4-8 teacher led Intervention programs to address the needs of each individual – academically, physically, emotionally and socially, and
  • Enrichment and Learning Support team members work collaboratively with classroom teachers, Heads of Departments and House Deans.