Advisory Council

Marist College Canberra is governed canonically and civilly by Marist Schools Australia Limited (MSA Ltd).

The College Advisory Council acts in an advisory capacity to the Headmaster of the College and wholly within the terms described within its Constitution. The purpose of the Council is to provide advice and support to the Headmaster in order that the Headmaster can lead the College effectively as a Catholic school community, with its evangelising and educational mission shaped by Marist spirituality and educational practice.  

It is not involved in the day-to-day management or direction of the College which remain the area of competence of the Headmaster and Executive. The Council is not a board of governance and does not have any legal responsibility for the College. 

Current membership of the Advisory Council
  • Paul Vane-Tempest (Chair)
  • Matthew Hutchison (Headmaster)
  • Christine Worth (Secretary)
  • Leesa Croke
  • Rita Daniels
  • Michael James
  • Br Tony Leon (Provincial’s and Trustees’ Representative)
  • Jeeven Nadanakumar
  • Victor Pantano
  • Brendan Smyth

College Policies

  • Child Safe Code of Conduct

  • Child Safeguarding Policy

  • Complaints Handling Policy

  • Credit Reporting Policy

  • Information Collection Notice - Job Applicants

  • Information Collection Notice - Students

  • Information Collection Notice - Volunteers and Contractors

  • Privacy Policy

  • Procedures for Managing Child Safety Incidents or Concerns At or Involving the College or its staff

  • Sports Policy

  • Staff and Student Professional Boundaries Policy