Our challenging and inclusive curriculum places a strong emphasis on developing intellectual curiosity and passion for knowledge. These are great attributes we believe will prepare young men for lives full of purpose beyond our school gates, driven to make a difference in the world through generosity, service and justice. 

Our teachers work closely with our boys, supporting and challenging them through rich and diverse learning opportunities that meet the needs of individual learners while stretching their abilities. Coupled with the support of classmates and friends, we set your son up to fulfil his potential. 

We have a unique opportunity to teach boys that there are many good routes to becoming good men.

Teaching Boys

For over 50 years, our College has cultivated a culture that understands, accepts and celebrates boys and how they learn.  

Our focus on boys’ education enables them to prosper in all areas, pursuing their interests, while encouraging them to be themselves without the preconceived notions of rigid gender expectations that can regulate their decisions and drive their development.  

There is something really special about schools just for boys with teachers who understand how they learn. Our passionate and dedicated staff believe in the value of each boy and are committed to their growth. Our collaborative culture empowers our staff to work in teams that share information and the latest research to identify areas for improvement and innovation.

Our teachers place high expectations on and encourage each boy to exceed his potential. Teachers know it is important to be able to laugh with them, to stimulate their imagination, to ignite their passions and to be able to correct them, while still conveying a sense that every boy is valued.

We are committed to being a boys' school that promotes responsible relationships and positive attitudes towards girls and women. We are uncompromising in being a safe and inclusive learning community respectful of diverse backgrounds, ethnicity, gender and nationality.