Established in 1968, Marist College Canberra began with primary classes, as construction of the secondary school building was still underway. Over the years, the college has witnessed several expansions and refurbishments, breathing new life into the original structures.

In 2021, a significant milestone was achieved with the creation of our College Master Plan. This comprehensive blueprint sets forth our long-term vision and goals for the development of our campus. Designed to guide decision-making on infrastructure for the next two decades, the Master Plan strategically addresses the current and future needs of the college, while also identifying key areas that require renewal and enhancement.

To ensure seamless execution, the Master Plan has been divided into stages, with the first stage currently underway.

Stage One - Science and Performing Arts Building Project

Demolition works began in late 2022 on the site of the College's new Science and Performing Arts (SPA) building. Since then, work has progressed significantly, and we are now well and truly up and out of the ground. Where the Pavillion and student changerooms once stood, a new three-story building will provide a new home for both the Science and Performing Arts Departments. Excitement is growing about the wonderful new facilities that will soon be available for use, including nine new state of the art science laboratories; new teaching spaces for Health and Physical Education (HAPE); new changerooms; and a suite of new performing arts classrooms, performance spaces, tuition rooms and practice areas.

​Stage One Completion

At this stage the build is on track and well within budget, largely thanks to the excellent leadership of the College Building Committee and the superb project management from Construction Control, who have been contracted to lead the project. Planning is underway for a special event to celebrate the opening of the new Science and Performing Arts Building in early 2024 and we look forward to welcoming our new students, staff and families to this great new facility for many years to come.