Courage and Student Leadership

Leadership is a frequently used concept, but it is one which has many different meanings.

Leading is the act of affecting the behaviour of a group of followers, such that their collective actions will be greater than their individual efforts. The traditional view of ‘top-down’ leadership is still prevalent in our society, but it is becoming much less common, being replaced by a more modern, consultative and inclusive style.

It was the American civil rights leader, Dr Martin Luther King, who said, ‘anyone can lead, because anyone can serve.’ This notion of service leadership puts the concept within the reach of all students at Marist College. We passionately believe in the notion that leaders ‘grow from opportunity’ and that teenagers, in particular, develop into leadership roles at different rates. This view is clearly in opposition to such views that ‘leaders are born, not made.’ 

Our students will move into 21st-century workforce environments in which working in a team and being prepared to offer ideas, thoughts and suggestions are expected from everyone, not only the designated ‘leaders’ or managers. We will, as a College, continue to examine ways in which our leadership program can be changed and adapted to suit the world into which our students will move in the near future.

At our first Senior School assembly this term, we announced the Senior School Leadership positions for 2023. While it is an honour to be chosen as a leader, it is also a mission. A sense of mission takes us beyond self-adulation to a place of generosity for others. Such love and service distinguishes a good leader from a great leader. 

I have every confidence each of our new College leaders will distinguish themselves in the roles they will now assume. Their appointment is not our reward for achievement, but an invitation to a deeper commitment and I look forward to their valued contribution to the Marist College community.

Congratulations to the following students:

2023 College Captain:            Michael Paragalli

2023 College Vice-Captain:     Callan Williams

2023 College Service Captain: Jake D’Souza