Opportunity to develop talenfts and passions

One measure for a successful boys’ school is realised by the quality of the performing arts and the attention it receives. Ensuring resources and time are committed to drama, music and dance is important if a boys’ school is to truly provide a broad curriculum and opportunities for all to discover their passions and develop their talents.

We currently have nearly 400 boys learning a musical instrument. Last week, our Year 5 students received their instrument as part of our new Junior School instrumental Program. I suspect, in coming weeks, there may be some unpleasant sounds in homes. I encourage, however, families to persevere as the gift of musicianship brings a wonderful sense of fulfilment and lifelong joy. 

Many enjoyed the outstanding production of The Crimson Firefly Circus. It was a celebration of dedication, creativity, talent and great fun. Nearly 50 students from Years 4 to 12 performed on stage with 30 in the production or support team. For some, it was their first time involved in a theatre performance and hopefully the experience planted a seed that will sustain them in years ahead. 

The fast-moving plot had enormous scope for actors and our budding Junior School circus troupe. The show had mystery, humour, tumbling and magic, keeping all entertained and proud! The performance was six months in preparation, and I know the boys are ever so grateful for the dedication and expertise of our staff. Vanessa Johnson’s vision and creativity as Director was infectious. She was generously supported by Maggie Haigh as Assistant Director and Jarrod Schindler as Producer, assisted by Jocelyn Roberts. Many generous staff assisted with backstage support. Congratulations to all involved and we look forward to future productions.

Matthew Hutchison