On Monday we held a workshop for 120 of our Senior students who have signed up for our Marist Mentors Program. During the workshop we looked at various aspects of running a session with a group within a House from Years 4 – 12. The Marist Mentors had the opportunity to participate in a session so that they would have a clear understanding and knowledge of how to deliver it.

The participation in the workshop was excellent. The Senior Students were engaging, made relevant contributions and demonstrated commitment to the implementation of the Forming Fine Young Men Framework.

Year 7 - The Qualities of a Fine Young Man
A fine young man understands the value of belonging.

Year 8 - Exemplars of Fine Young Men

A fine young man recognises a good role model.

Year 9 - Building Connections

A fine young man brings sense to a situation.

Year 10 - The Means to Manhood

A fine young man recognises the character of a good man.

Year 11 - Being a Positive Role Model and Mentor

A fine young man learns from his mistakes.

Year 12 - Being a Fine Young Man and a Lifelong Learner

A fine young man is committed to continual learning and developing.

Today, during House Group, each of the Marist Mentors delivered a session to their assigned Year level within their respective Houses. I would like to commend the Seniors on their delivery of the sessions. It was affirming to walk around the various classrooms and observe the Marist Mentors delivering the sessions in a positive and engaging manner. As a mother, a teacher and someone that is invested in the wellbeing of the boys in our Marist community, it was an honour to witness the Seniors in our Marist community invested in growing a culture of positive masculinity that fosters young men with strong minds and gentle hearts.

Together WE are Forming Fine Young Men

Sarah Mahar

Assistant Head of School - Wellbeing and Engagement