Recognition and celebration

The College recently recognised and celebrated International Women's Day.

A number of our female staff spoke to the community about the women in their lives who had inspired them. Some were women who were leaders in their fields of endeavour and others lived relatively ordinary lives, making contributions to their family and community that were unrecognised and unrewarded.

The day also recognised both the contribution that women have made to this Marist school since its establishment and the central role they continue to play in its mission in 2022. The celebration is also an opportunity to recognise that gender inequality remains a very obvious feature of our society and our community. We seek the formation of young men who recognise this ongoing injustice and who are committed to addressing it in their personal and public lives.

From a social and emotional perspective, the promotion of deep, respectful relationships between boys and girls is one of our strategic priorities, and we are fortunate to have women of serious commitment and competence serving the College as leaders, staff and volunteers. More needs to be done if we are to be true to our calling.

Thank you to all the women of the College community who contribute so much to our ministry. We are fortunate to work alongside you.

Matthew Hutchison