Exploring our 2024 Marist theme; First Light - Reveal The Spirit, the Captains have decided the Marist College Canberra Captain’s theme of 2024 will be ‘Let Your Goodness Grow.” For us as students, “Let Your Goodness Grow” encapsulates the ongoing development of Marist boys, as they continue to prosper into fine young men. We believe every student attains a unique gift. This year we hope to encourage them to utilise and display these gifts, to not only let their lights shine, but specifically to grow the goodness they obtain.

This week at our first Senior School Assembly for the year, the Captains will be launching this theme with a “Pot Plant’ initiative for each House. Symbolically, the flower for each house will be a visual representation of the goodness we hope to grow not only in the flower, but within ourselves as Marist boys. Every few weeks, we will have updates at assemblies on each House flower, to see the growth we hope to witness in that of the flower, and through all Marist boys collectively in 2024.

Sam Laria

College Captain