The highly anticipated Music Camp to Sydney proved to be an exhilarating experience for the talented students at Marist College Canberra. Taking place from 19 – 21 May 2023, this event provided them with a unique opportunity for the Senior Concert Band, Senior Jazz Band and Vox Choir, to immerse themselves in a variety of musical activities and showcase their skills.

The camp kicked off on Friday 19 May, with the students gathered early in the morning at Marist to embark on their journey to Sydney. Arriving at Marist Catholic College North Shore, North Sydney, the Junior School Concert featured a delightful performance by the Senior Jazz Band. The concert included interactive elements, such as audience participation in choreography and a thrilling game of musical chairs.

Following the concert, a workshop was conducted for Year 5/6 students, led by Mr Andrew Hackwill. The students had the opportunity to engage with the music and learn from their peers. Afterwards, the students packed up and travelled to Land's Edge for further activities including a team initiative of raft building.

The second day of the camp began with morning activities led by our teachers and guest conductor. After breakfast, workshops commenced at Saltwater School and the dining hall. These workshops, conducted by renowned musicians and our own staff, covered a range of topics and provided valuable insights and learning opportunities for our students. Throughout the day, the students engaged in rehearsals, tutorials, and leisure activities.

On Sunday, the final day of the camp, the students rose early, packed their bags, and prepared for departure. They proceeded to St. Patrick's Church Hill, to a memorable Mass performance led by our choir, accompanied by Mrs Lenore Osland on the organ. Later, we walked to Observatory Hill for a performance at the Rotunda, showcasing the talents of our Senior Concert Band for an open-air concert for the public to enjoy. It was whirlwind of musical exploration, growth, and camaraderie, providing our students with memories that will last a lifetime.

The Music Camp to Sydney was a testament to Marist College Canberra's commitment to nurturing and celebrating the musical talents of our students. It offered a unique platform for them to showcase their skills, collaborate with their peers, and learn from experienced professionals in the industry. We were thrilled to witness the growth and achievements of our students as they embarked on this musical adventure.

Nate Ffrench (Year 12), Joel Crispe (Year 12), Benjamin Rothenfluh (Year 11) and Eric Firth (Year 12)
Flynn Leaders