Year 7 students engage in program

On Tuesday 11 August, Year 7 took part in a Respectful Relationships Retreat. We were fortunate to take part in three sessions.

Our first session was run by the Archbishop’s Office. It focused on why we should have respectful relationships and how to know if you are in a good relationship and what traits you look for in a friend. It included an anti-pornography talk which explained how it can ruin the way you perceive other people and affect others around you in a negative fashion.

The second session was about enhancing your relationship with God and others. This session was run by Mr Ahearne’s Year 11 class. We learnt about the four different types of love and who they apply to. Nearing the end, we watched a video we received from Merici College who unfortunately weren’t able to take part in the Retreat this year, and we sent one back! At the end of the session, a small liturgy was held and we completed questions about the activities that we undertook.

Our last session was about ‘Running the Race with Mary’ which was facilitated by Mr Leech’s Year 10 Christian Leadership Class. We discussed how a strong faith can help you overcome obstacles. 

The Year 10 students performed a play with the message that when God comes into our lives, there are so many distractions that we can push God away. It also explored the idea that friends can help us to carry burdens. 

A big thank you to all the people who contributed to a great day. 

Willem Hornby (Year 7) and Jack Berg (Year 7)