Report and invitation to join

On the morning of Tuesday 30 March, the College hosted our third Son-Rise Breakfast. This was attended by a large number of families and their sons.

The keynote presenter was Denis O’Brien who reflected on his life, specifically on raising five children with his wife Jacinta. Denis highlighted the role that they as parents have in partnering with the College in the development and formation of their sons. Denis and Jacinta had four boys educated at Marist. Click here to view a transcript of his talk.

We also took the opportunity to launch the 'Fathering Project' at the College. This is a national organisation that seeks to work alongside school communities. Their goal is for every young person in Australia to have a father or intentional father figure in their life. The Fathering Project aims to improve child development outcomes by inspiring and equipping fathers and father figures to effectively engage with their kids. 

The College has created our own Fathering Project group and all families are encouraged to visit the website and join the group. Click here to register. 

Peter Hawes
Assistant Head of School - Mission and Identity