Reflection by Headmaster Matthew Hutchison

The events of Holy Week take us on a rollercoaster ride. It commences with a celebration as Jesus processes into Jerusalem as ‘people spread their cloaks and leafy branches’ to welcome him in triumph and leads us to Easter with his death and resurrection. With tensions escalating, the gospels describe suffering, sin, confusion, greed, hope, faith, commitment and redemption. The story is anything but dated. It is a very human story of fear, doubt, the human propensity to misunderstand and the ease in which a crowd can swing. 

I have always been taken by the indecision of many when under pressure during the week leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus. The Pharisees debating, some finding themselves isolated. The disciples vowing allegiance only to flee at the first sign of trouble. Pilate attempting to keep the peace only to succumb to the wishes of the crowd. Simon roped in to help a complete stranger; a choice he didn’t make. 

There is a part of ourselves that can relate to each of the characters. Every event scratches at the veneer we often wear on the surface of our lives. Only a few stand their ground at the foot of the cross led by Mary whose experience of Jesus was always a mystery but her faith never faltered. The Holy Week events is a faith journey. Do we exhibit the indecision of the majority or do we stand our ground alongside Mary?