Veritas Opening

We are very pleased to announce that our new science and performing arts building, Veritas, is now complete. With nine new science labs, state of the art music and drama facilities, Health and PE classrooms and new changerooms, Veritas will serve as a cornerstone of our educational environment for many years to come.


Veritas, rooted in the Roman virtue of truthfulness, beckons us to reflect how often in life we duck the truth. The best example of this avoidance is seen in the most important trial in human history, where Pilate found himself entangled in a predicament. Pilate’s political standing back in Ancient Rome was precarious, and the inhabitants of Judea viewed him with suspicion. He was a foreign oppressor who was thought to have ineptly handled two earlier disturbances in Judea and had consequently been denounced in Rome. He could not afford another incident.

Pilate fears a trap when the Chief Rabbi drag before him a carpenter from Galilee. Pilate could not find any basis for a charge to be made. He concurs he has some crazy views on spirituality but he seems harmless enough.

He asks the carpenter, ‘Are you the king of the Jews?’ The carpenter replies ‘I have come into the world, to bear witness to the truth.’ To which Pilate retorts: ‘The truth! But what is the truth?

Pilate was an educated and sophisticated Roman. He had seen the world and read the philosophers. He knows perfectly well what truth is; it is under his nose. He knows the carpenter is not a criminal, but it was expedient to ignore the truth as he has the thought of being summoned back to Rome hanging over him. It was expedient to let the High Priest drag the carpenter off to be crucified and wash his hands of the truth.

The exchange is a reminder of how often we, too, shy away from inconvenient truths.

Veritas - a fitting name for our new science and performing arts building, and chosen by our students, parents, and staff - embodies one of the core beliefs of our Catholic school in the Marist tradition. We want to instil in our boys the depth of knowledge to understand the difference between falsehood and truth. We also hope the naming of this building will remind them of the importance of their choices and the determination to not only perceive the truth but to act justly with this knowledge.

With thanks

Delightfully, our relationship with the builders, Construction Control, is better now than when we began the project. This is a testament to their integrity and genuine collaboration. The value of their commitment and insightful direction cannot be overstated. Their efforts have truly exceeded our expectations.

We thank Jarrod Schindler, Mel Musgrove, Wayne McAuliffe, and their respective academic departments all who played a pivotal role in bringing clarity to design and addressing essential needs.

We thank our building committee, led so generously by Matt O’Brien, and supported by Lawrence Frazer, who provided a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Matt is also Chair of our Finance Committee and his involvement in this project, from inception to conclusion, has been a blessing to our community.

Penny Brown, our Head of Facilities, has brought her wealth of expertise and insight to this project. Working closely with our builders, she played a crucial role in ensuring minimal disruption to the seamless operations of the College.

We are fortunate to have had Toby Wetherill leading our architectural endeavours, alongside the talented partnership of Carolyn Meddick and Michael Lau. As a team, they demonstrated meticulous attention to detail, responsiveness, attentiveness, and a collaborative spirit; embodying everything one could hope for in an architect. What truly distinguishes them is their profound understanding of our identity as a Catholic school steeped in the Marist tradition. The Masterplan they have crafted beautifully reflects our Marist narrative and imagination.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our Director of Business Services, Christine White, for her exceptional leadership throughout this project. Simply put, her efforts have been nothing short of magnificent, executed with grace, generosity, and, notably, a delightful sense of humour. Christine's ability to adeptly manage the multifaceted responsibilities of overseeing a school business while navigating the complexities of this project is a testament to her outstanding leadership.

Every step of this build has been marked by enormous generosity and a commitment to provide a space for Marist College Canberra to fulfil one of our core aspirations; to educate for truth, depth and choice.

Matthew Hutchison