At Marist, in our wellbeing space, this year our commitment to meeting the pastoral and academic needs of all the boys in our care has continued to evolve.

On Tuesday 17 October, a parent and Senior student workshop was held in the Senior Hall. The workshop, alongside several staff sessions, have provided an opportunity for parents, staff and students to contribute to the development of the Marist Wellbeing curriculum framework. The framework is based on the College’s approach to Forming Fine Young Men.

As outlined during the workshops, it is intended that in 2024, the Forming Fine Young Men framework will deliver explicit lessons on what it means to be 'A Fine Young Man'. These lessons will draw upon research on character education and traits, Catholic values, Marist Spirituality, and our hopes for our graduates.

A whole school approach will be adopted to implement the framework with the aim of capturing the spiritual, physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of the individual boys in our care. The sessions will be delivered using a peer mentoring system with trained Senior students working within their Houses. Boys from Year 10 and 11 have had the opportunity to learn about the framework and nominate to be a Marist Mentor.

It has been wonderful to see the level of willingness and interest from our Year 10 and 11 boys to be involved in launching and implementing the framework. We currently have 85 boys who have committed to being involved as a Marist Mentor next year.

I would like to thank the staff, parents, and boys who have been involved in creating the Forming Fine Young Men framework. Within our wellbeing space, we look forward to 2024 as our planning, discussions, research and contributions begin to evolve into a framework that is invested in Forming Fine Young Men.

Sarah Mahar

Assistant Head of School - Wellbeing and Engagement