The 2020 graduating class have more than risen to the challenge of a disruptive year and it is my great pleasure to congratulate them, their families and the teaching staff on this year’s pleasing Year 12 Certificate results. 

Our median ATAR of 82.60 positions us in the top few schools in ACT. Marist is proudly non-selective so to have more than 24% of students attain an ATAR greater than 90 and almost 50% achieve a score above 83 reflects the quality of our teaching and the diligence of our students. These results are a testament to the ongoing care and support our boys received from their teachers, parents and families. Together, they have helped to provide a network of encouragement during some stressful and challenging times. 

We are equally proud of the many students who sought a vocational path, many of whom have already secured apprenticeships. We hope all the graduating class depart us with a love of learning, a desire to think for themselves, a searching curiosity and an openness to listen to views and thoughts of others.

Congratulations to Dux of the College, Lesh, for achieving an ATAR of 99.35 and Proxime Accessit, TJ, with an ATAR of 98.55. Both these boys were involved in the fullness of College life with Lesh taking on the additional responsibilities as 2020 College Captain.

I wish to place on record my appreciation to our graduates for their willingness to adapt, and to sustain the circulation of hope and positive expectations in the face of disappointments. They have done so while honouring their many extra and co-curricular commitments, upholding Marist’s ethos of service, and contributing to the rich fabric of our College community. We are conscious that behind every number stands a young man who has ability and intelligence in its multitude of diverse forms. 

Matthew Hutchison