Carmelina - Teacher

“Since commencing at the College in 2018, after completing my final teaching placement at Marist, I have had the opportunity to teach across Years 7-12. This has allowed me to build rapport with Marist staff and students and witness the ways in which staff and families work together to support and nurture the boys in their academic, physical, emotional and spiritual development.

Working at Marist, I have learnt the value of collaboration and the importance of relationships as the foundation for teaching and learning. I genuinely enjoy coming to work every day and interacting with both staff and students. 

A point of difference evident at Marist is our welcoming culture, charism, and the significance that is placed on developing the whole person. The dedication of the staff in nurturing compassion, promoting social justice, and placing a Marian stamp on the hearts of students is something to which I am proud to contribute to as a member of staff.” 

Kym – Support Staff

“The College is a truly wonderful place and a special community to be a part of and work. The students are truly blessed to have education and guidance of such high quality from all levels of staff.

Staff working collaboratively and supporting each other flows through to the students and creates a positive and welcoming environment for the whole College, as does the strong commitment to the Marist values.

It has been an enjoyable and rewarding time at Marist and I look forward to many more.”

Antony - Teacher

“Most of us teach because making a difference in a young person’s life is ultimately rewarding. At Marist, the virtue stretches beyond this. I feel I am part of a supportive community, valued and respected on all levels. There is no shortage of opportunities at the College to grow professionally, to lead your favourite teaching area, or nurture your interests through co-curricular. I have thoroughly enjoyed coaching football, leading outdoor camps, and attempting to learn how to play the drum.

There is an atmosphere at this College, a celebration of life amongst the students that permeates infectiously through the campus. It is the reason why, when moving between classes, I will choose a route through the busiest corridor to soak up the energy.”