Monitoring for symptoms

Parents/carers are asked to monitor their sons closely for any symptoms of COVID-19. Boys who exhibit symptoms should undertake a Rapid Antigen Test. Further information about COVID-19 symptoms can be found by clicking here

College Notifications – COVID Positive Students

To protect your privacy, and to maintain a calm working environment for all staff and students, we ask families to follow the notification protocols as follows:

  • Notify the College if your son tests positive via and quarantine for at least 7 days
  • Notify your son's Junior School classroom teacher and/or House Dean, noting their absence period
  • Notify ACT Health or NSW Health depending on their household jurisdiction via the notification forms.

College Notifications – Household Contacts

The College encourages students who are household contacts to remain at home during the 7 day isolation period of their family member. However, students who need to attend school are permitted to return to onsite learning at the College but must notify the College of this intention first.

* In order to return, students and their families must support and comply with the College’s COVID safety measures for 7 days from the time the first person in their household tested positive: 

  • Parents/carers are required to notify the College if their son is a household contact via They must also advise ACT Health by completing an COVID-19 online declaration form
  • Notify your son's Junior School classroom teacher and/or House Dean, advising whether your son will be isolating at home or attending school
  • Students must only attend the College if they are asymptomatic
  • Daily Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) must be undertaken, and a negative result returned each morning before attending school for 5 school days
  • Year 7-12 students must wear a face mask in all indoor spaces when at the College. Year 4-6 students are strongly recommended to wear a face mask when indoors
  • We strongly encourage students to minimise their activity in the community, however we recognise that participation in in co-curricular activities (for example sport and performing arts/music) are an essential element of education. Students who are asymptomatic and adhere to the above guidelines will be permitted to participate in these activities at their parent/carers discretion.
  • Participation in overnight excursions (for example school camps) will not be permitted as this is a higher risk setting.

These measures are in place to protect our students, staff and wider community. We ask all parents to carefully consider if their son/s will be able to meet these requirements prior to notifying us of their return to school. Students who return to school and do not comply with these measures will be asked to remain home until their period as a household contact ends.

Other Important Information

Access to Learning

The College’s Learning Management System, Canvas, is available for classwork and resources. If your son is well enough to access these, we encourage him to utilise the resources available and to make contact with their teachers if they wish. Until otherwise advised, all absence due to COVID-19 is treated as approved grounds for extension for assessment, with confirmation of a positive result lodged with ACT Health required as evidence.

Exposure Notifications

The College reports weekly confirmed cases of COVID-19 that may have attended school whilst infectious.

Should we identify a cohort or particular activity setting of higher risk, we will provide a separate notification to families where appropriate. This information is provided to support families as we continue to learn to live alongside COVID-19. The College has extensive risk mitigation strategies in place, to lessen the risk of any onward transmission.

Face Masks

Staff, students, and visitors are no longer required to wear masks when in indoor areas onsite at the College, however it is strongly recommended that masks are worn when in small indoor settings (excluding classroom settings) and where physically distancing is not possible.

Masks are still required to be worn on public transport, as well as on the Marist bus service.


Mandatory vaccination requirements have ceased, however we continue to strongly encourage vaccination for all students, and boosters for all eligible staff. Vaccination rates for Marist staff are exceptionally high. This is a significant part of our safety and risk profile.

Rapid Antigen Testing

Rapid antigen testing will be required for staff and students prior to interstate excursions, camps and activities involving overnight stays, or for activities we assess as high risk.

Staff and students will continue to be encouraged to undertake COVID testing if they are unwell, even with mild symptoms.

Rapid antigen testing prior to school attendance is not compulsory but recommended in the event of any symptoms.