The College aims to identify gifted and talented students and provide optimal learning opportunities that enable them to achieve their potential. It recognises that all students have the right to learn within their zone of proximal development and seeks to guide students to be independent and engaged in their learning. Once identified, students may engage in a range of enrichment, extension and acceleration options which best fit their physical, social, emotional, academic and spiritual needs. 

Multiple options for acceleration may be considered which include: subject, grade and radical acceleration as well as other same-age accelerations options such as curriculum compacting, online acceleration, self-paced learning and negotiated assessment. Students may also engage with the College’s Talented Sports Program upon application and acceptance.

The College is responsible for ensuring that there are established, effective and equitable processes and measures in place for the identification of gifted and talented students. The College will also recognise all external identifications of giftedness when performed by a registered psychologist or other allied health professional. 

Specialised approaches may need to be considered in the identification process where students may be potentially disadvantaged due to individual or various circumstances. In the consideration of twice-exceptional students, all identification processes will be undertaken in a manner that feels safe and specialised for the individual.

Enrichment and Acceleration process